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Resource Center - Audio CD's by Kriss Mitchell and Craig Christner
Borderline Personality Disorder  -  Audio CD -  Kriss Mitchell     $10.00


Learn how to recognize the symptoms of this disorder and how symptoms such as severe mood swings, rage and manipulation can effect the lives of the person with this disorder as well as their surrounding relationships. 

Ethics for Prayer Counselors  -  Audio CD  -  Kriss Mitchell      $10.00


The subject of ethics in Christian ministry is often a confusing topic.  In this CD, you will see that ethics come from scriptural principles and are definite guidelines for prayer counselors as they minister to others.

The Nature of Man  -  Audio CD  -  Craig Christner    $10.00 


An interesting discussion of how the heart significantly impacts emotional healing as well as physical healing.   Although most counseling techniques focus on behavior and thought process, the heart is very much in control of our belief systems and discomfort.

Emotions and the Body  -  Audio CD  -  Kriss Mitchell     $10.00


This CD discusses the amazing connection between specific emotions and physical complications which result when those emotions are not resolved.

Vanishing Twin Syndrome   -  Audio CD -  Kriss Mitchell    $10.00 


This CD discusses the emotional symptoms that result in the surviving twin when a twin is lost in the womb.  Often individuals do not know they are a surviving twin, but emotional indications such as feeling they should be going through life with another person, deep loneliness and the consistent desire for close relationships with others can be indicators of the loss of a twin.

Facilitating the Healing of the Whole Man -  Audio CD  --  Craig Christner   $10.00 


Bringing healing to the whole man is a must when counseling.  This CD discusses the connection between the body, mind, soul and spirit; showing how repressed emotion can effect us in all areas of our being.