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My New Book - Identity

Can You Tell Me Who You Are Without Telling Me What You Do?
Available on Kindle, in Paperback and coming soon in Audible format!
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Try to answer this seemingly simple question without saying what you are or trumpeting what you do.

It’s not easy in today’s society, which teaches us that our roles and jobs determine our value as human beings. But the truth is that what we do is not who we are as individuals.

This book will help you determine what makes you truly unique.

Why is this important? Without knowing who you really are you won’t recognize the skills, strengths, and preferences that set you apart from everyone else—making it more difficult to accomplish the unique purpose God put you here for.

Identity: What It Means to Be You explains that identity is the blueprint from which the Lord created us, differentiating between identity in Christ and personal identity. You will also learn how believing that other people have a right to determine your value can set you up for failure.

The book offers a profile of lost identity to compare with yourself as well as examples of characters from the Bible and their encounters with God in terms of their identities.

A path to identity can be found through recognizing how you are gifted and what your purpose is, and a comprehensive list of probing questions allows you to get to know yourself in ways that might surprise you, if you truly listen to your heart. You can then use this information to make quality decisions about your life—and begin to fulfill your destiny.